We believe we can live well without stealing from future generations.

Sustainability to us means harmonious coming together and co-existence of various interdependent factors pertaining to any activity for the purpose of greater good of the society. A Harmony, between Factors like - Resources available, Environment we operate in and Social responsibility, achieved by striking a fine balance between them. A delicate balance which has to be achieved and maintained with harmonious and responsible thought processes backed by sincere, responsible actions. Such harmonious thought processes and responsible actions result in creation of organisations which make a mark as respectable and responsible corporate citizens and contribute to the long term and stable growth of the society; Organisations which sustain ups and downs and enrich the society at large.


After half a decade of quantitative growth and expansion , now our core focus in to make even better living spaces and bring better and better processes to effectively handle our resources like Men, Material , Money , Society and Environment . To control the growth keeping it stable and sustaining it over the long term. Therefore, the mid term focus is going to be more on implementation than expansion.

To strengthen our competitiveness by making even better and better homes and by continuously improving and implementing our processes.

To strengthen our management and financial foundation to make our goals a reality and handover a stronger company to the next generation.

The responsibility of Countryside’s founder is not just to manage day to day activities but to build operate and transfer to the next generation a company throbbing and vibrant for the next 100 years. We have to focus on our core goals of bringing better and better products and services, add consistent value to the societies we serve.


Efficient and Effective handling of construction debris at the stage of generation and disposal.

Build living spaces which consume less power using latest eco-friendly raw materials and technologies.

Adopt methods to minimize usage and wastage of water. Methods like Water meters which encourage judicious usage of water , Sewage treatment plants which recycle used water , Water treatment plants to effectively use ground water resources , Rain water harvesting systems, etc.

Effective handling of community waste generated by using organic waste convertors and solid waste management systems.Promoting re-cycling based systems – using eco-friendly and long lasting materials which can be recycled at the end of their life cycle.

Comply with all applicable environmental laws related to our business activities.

Tree plantation – If we have to pass on a habitable world to our children, we need to conserve our forests and plant more trees. To realize our goal of "adding consistent value to the society we serve", we at countryside engage in planting trees and conserving the environment in the areas we operate.


We firmly believe as a company that we are responsible to add consistent value to the societies we serve by providing even better products and services and by adding values to the lives of our customers , business associates , employees , shareholders and the community.

Customers : By giving them better , innovative , high quality , class leading products and services.

Business Associates : We highly value and respect our business associates like land owners , suppliers , vendors and sales partners and work with them through long term relationships which are built on the foundations of trust and mutual growth.

Employees : They bring us success to us with teamwork and creativity. We make sure that we give them their due respect, safe and healthy working conditions which are free of biases based on gender, colour, cast, creed or any other form.

Shareholders : Timely and ethical disclosure of our financial and overall performance, high standards of corporate governance, stable growth with a long term view for the benefit of shareholders.

Community : We respect the people of the communities we serve and engage in socio-economic activities directed towards their upliftment and strengthening.

Finally choose to partner with vendors and associates who have similar thought processes and responsibly implement them.